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About Mini Cooper R53

You feel the exhilaration of a pseudo race as you deftly maneuver your Mini Cooper among the larger, less agile vehicles during your daily commute. Built between 2002 and 2006, the Mini Cooper R53 offers powerful acceleration in a compact package, giving the cargo versatility of a hatchback with fold-down back seats and the ability to drag three friends with you on your weekend road trips. When you need parts to keep your agile four-wheeled friend purring like a kitten, consider the vast inventory on eBay. Make sure to buy parts for the right model, because some are specific to the standard Mini Cooper while others work only with the Mini Cooper S, which is the supercharged version. Find parts such as Mini Cooper R53 exhausts, grilles, bumpers, gas tank covers, and other trim items, as well as standard mechanical replacement parts. With the replacement parts installed, you are ready to get back on the road and relive the enjoyment of zipping from one place to another not just in style, but in a vehicle teeming with personality.