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About Mini Cooper JCW

If you are worried about developing frown lines, buy a Mini Cooper JCW. Most people who drive this car do so with a grin on their face that stretches from ear to ear, so frowning is not an option. The Mini is a classic British car, albeit one that is now made by the German manufacturer BMW. JCW, or John Cooper Works, is the beefed-up, high-performance, and kitted-out range of Minis. Mini Cooper started out as a racing car maker and performance car tuner, and racing car performance is what you get in a Mini Cooper JCW. The engine is a 208 brake horsepower beast that produces 192 pound-feet of torque with a boost option that brings that to 207 pound-feet. Remember, this is in a Mini — a car that is small, light, and agile. That sort of power needs reliable stopping ability, so Mini Cooper JCW brakes — four-piston aluminum brakes — are made by Brembo. Most models are also fitted with exterior accessories, including special Mini Cooper JCW grills, spoilers, and decals. All of these are available on eBay, including a large inventory of the car itself.