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About Mini Cooper Headlights

The modern Mini Cooper is a redesign of the classic Mini first released in 1959. From the Mini Cooper headlights to the tailpipe, most of the Mini changed just slightly to make it more appealing to contemporary buyers. If you look at an early Mini Cooper, you can see that the headlights are round, perpendicular to the ground, and very prominent. Compare that to the slightly angled, ovoid, and seamless appearance of a set of 2002 Mini Cooper headlights. These lights are intended to blend in smoothly with the overall body shape of the vehicle. Some models take this streamlining even further, such as with the 2007 Mini Cooper headlights. This model year was the first to incorporate the turn signal lamps into the structure of the headlights. These headlights feature a small circle inside the headlight assembly, which contains the yellow turn signal light. When exploring Mini Cooper headlights in the vast inventory on eBay, double-check what type of assembly your vehicle uses. Headlights are one of the first things other drivers see on the road, so keep yours in good working order.