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About Milo Baughman

Great designers are known for their ability to introduce aesthetics and functionality into a space in a way that is so natural that inhabitants do not need to think about it. Milo Baughman, a great American designer, achieves just this feat through his work. His designs are known for their futuristic and recognizable forms. Milo Baughman furniture is branded as Mode, Glenn, the Inco Company, Pacific Iron, the Design Institute of America and many other well-respected names. Most of his greatest work comes from a collaboration with High Point, NC, a partnership that spans 50 years. In addition to furniture, Baughman is recognized as a great thinker, as he spread his viewpoint on design and its impact on human life through lectures and discussions in academic and professional settings. This deep understanding of his craft is evident in everything from Milo Baughman's chairs to tables, sofas and more. You can find quality examples of Milo Baughman's work in the large inventory on eBay, where his best-loved designs are sold. A Milo Baughman piece can add a sense of simple refinement to any living space.