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About Milk Glass Plates

It is Sunday evening, the sun is setting, fresh breezes blow through the flowers, and your family is all together waiting to eat. Gather them around the table for an old-fashioned Sunday dinner, each loved one seated in front of a genuine milk glass plate. Milk glass dinner plates are the perfect backdrop for your traditional meatloaf and green bean casserole. Choose plates from the renowned Fire King line; perhaps a set of salad plates dotted with pink and red primrose, or dinner plates from the Golden Wheat line. Or a set of Termocrisa dinner plates splashed with blue flowers and rimmed in gold. Find vintage milk glass plates from name brand manufacturers such as Anchor Hocking, Westmoreland, and Kemple. In the classic milky-white hue, or in lovely blues, yellows, and greens, choose serving plates and platters with looped or lacy edges, adorned with delicate floral designs, or accompanied by a set of matching cups. Whatever type of milk glass plate you are looking for, depend on reliable sellers on eBay to get them to you in time for Sunday dinner.