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About Milk Glass Bowls

Contrary to popular believe, milk glass hasn?t always been white. In fact, when it was first created in Venice in the 16th Century, milk glass bowls came in a variety of bright colors like blue, pink, yellow and even black. These glass pieces delighted wealthy people of society because they were very delicate and beautiful. Today, you can find a large number of milk glass items available on eBay. Milk glass fruit bowls have so much detail, and vintage hobnail bowls often have scalloped edges and little bumps on the outside of the dish. These add visual and textural interest to the pieces. Some items also have "toes" that give the bowl a look of elegance and sophistication. No glass collection would be complete without a few milk glass bowls. The sheer opacity of the glass makes it look like porcelain or ceramic, but upon closer inspection, you can see it?s actually glass. You?ll be amazed at the beauty of the piece. Once you have one milk glass item, there?s no doubt you?ll be on the hunt for more pieces.