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About Military Surplus

As the name suggests, military surplus refers to any number of products formerly held by one of the branches of the armed forces, such as the navy or army, which, no longer being needed, are sold to individual retailers who sell them to the public. This does not, however, refer to items that would be too dangerous by law for civilians to own; you will not find any rocket-propelled grenades or landmines under this heading. A military surplus lot from an individual seller most often includes tools, clothing, and equipment that soldiers use in the field, and range from items like long underwear to cot straps. Military surplus vehicles, like jeeps or trucks, are also sometimes made available to the public, though the practice is not as common today as in the past. Buyers looking for military surplus product can a find a wide selection in good condition, whether new or used, from a number of reliable sellers on eBay who always offer convenient shipping options.