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About Military Radios

A genuine military radio sends a sentimental message as clearly as its frequencies once did on the battlefield. These electronics were originally commissioned by the armed forces for use in military activities. A storied, rugged device appeals to more than veterans and patriotic collectors. Ham radio hobbyists and tinkerers can appreciate a military ham radio for its electronic appeal and its vintage character. Yet even a brand new, unused military HF radio is interesting both for its functionality and for what it represents. These tactical, military-style radios may have never seen combat, but they are durable enough to withstand the elements on outdoor adventures. The large inventory on eBay includes military radios from various countries, military branches, and technological eras. Seek out the one you used yourself, or buy one as a gift for an old army buddy. Add a functioning military-grade radio to your family's disaster preparedness kit, or install one on your boat or RV, and keep a few backups on hand for spare parts.