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About Military Hats

Functional, fashionable, and formidable, military hats are famously resilient to wear and tear because they are made for use by professional soldiers. Camouflaged designs are also trendy for many popular designers too, and it is not uncommon to see these hats on the heads of extremely fashionable celebrities and socialites alike. Military hats come in many forms, with modified versions of the large baroque hats from soldiers dress uniforms often showing up at science fiction and steampunk conventions. More functional uses include protective military boonie hats worn by civilians that need to keep the sun off their heads, as well as hunters, fishermen, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Boonie hats are particularly useful for active people as they are lightweight, attach securely to the head with a chinstrap, and keep the head cool on a sunny day. A full range of headgear from vintage military hats used in famous conflicts to ostentatious pith helmets, as well as functional boonies, are available from the large inventory on eBay.