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About Mikuni

Another weekend on the track with your favorite motorbike and another great opportunity to push your bike to the limit. If your engine isn't getting the fuel it needs, however, your day at the track ends before it even begins, and you'll wish you had Mikuni parts on your ride. Luckily, eBay's reliable sellers offer many high performance parts, from Mikuni jets to fuel pumps in order to get your ride back on track. When gravity isn't enough to take gas from the tank to the engine, a Mikuni fuel pump can be the answer. Solid brass jets propel gas to the engine right when your bike needs it most. Whether you want new Mikuni jets or a completely new fuel pump for your ride, check the new and gently used options available on eBay. With your bike relying on Mikuni parts, you can be confident in your bike's ability to climb any hill, blast past the competition, and make your day at a track a great one.