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About Mikimoto

Growing up, you bit down on more pearls than you can count while shopping for jewelry with your mother. Soon, the jewelers learnt to only present you with Mikimoto pearls. Your mother taught you a dozen ways to spot fake pearls and the value of great pieces. It is only fitting then that you search for vintage Mikimoto pearls for her birthday gift. Such luxury items have a storied pedigree that began with the first production of cultured pearls. They are smooth, round, and lustered, and come from the saltwater and freshwater mollusks of the Chinese and Japanese seas. There is no doubt that your mother will look graceful while wearing a Mikimoto pearl necklace. For a dash of royal elegance, buy her a pearl necklace mounted on a strand of white gold. There is a wide selection of genuine Mikimoto pearls available on eBay and you no longer have to bite down on them to find the perfect pearl jewelry for your mother.