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About Mighty Mite

The number of guitars in your collection is growing, and yet you feel as something is missing. You come to the realization that a custom-built Mighty Mite guitar has not yet been added to your list of playable guitars. After some research, you decide to peruse the vast listings on eBay for parts to suit your building needs. First, you begin with a Mighty Mite neck, which is available in Stratocaster, Les Paul, and Jackson styling in a variety of woods and accents. Before making any definite choice, you take a look at a Mighty Mite body with the appropriate cutouts. A variety of options for a Telecaster, Stratocaster, and even various bass body styles are available to you with convenient shipping options. Deciding on an unfinished body, you return to choose a neck to complete the basics of the guitar. Now after having received your Mighty Mite guitar parts, you were able to begin working on the final build. Since completion, you have enjoyed playing your custom guitar more than you ever thought possible.