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About Mido Watches

Top-quality, luxury watches used to become family heirlooms, handed down to generation after generation. That is less common with modern watches but there are exceptions, including Mido watches. Mido is a Swiss watchmaking company that was founded in 1918. It produces watches that are functional and that feature modern technology. They also have attractive designs that are also timeless. There are lady's Mido watches and men's versions in various styles. For example, the Mido Swiss Baroncelli watch comes in several designs for women as well as larger options for men. Mido watches have automatic movements and many come with a transparent back case so that you can see the inner workings. They are water resistant to various specifications up to 330 feet. Models with a deeper water resistance have a screw-down crown while some have a specially designed cork crown sealing system. Most of the range is made from stainless steel plus sapphire crystal, although there are some titanium models as well. There is a vast inventory of all Mido watch models on eBay from which to choose.