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About Mid Century Sculptures

Set the mood for the mod. Mid-century sculptures reflect the art of restraint with the element of surprise. A modern piece from the era spanning from 1945 to 1970 is like a poem in that it tries to convey so much with so few words. The pieces themselves vary in structure, materials, and concept while keeping true to the minimalistic and sometimes abstract dimensional signature of the period. There is a large and varied selection of mid-century sculpture available in the vast inventory on eBay. Abstracts, nature, sunbursts, and space-age design are often recurring themes abundantly present in mid-century modern wall sculptures. Versatile art, such as mid-century metal wall sculptures that can be dimensional wall art as easily as a table centerpiece, are also available. Industrial art sculptures can be striking, unique conversation pieces and include metals such as chrome and steel. If you are looking for functional art, mid-century sunburst clocks and table lamps offer a dramatic accent while mirrors and art posters, ranging in styles from cubist to psychedelic, can also help you to create that mid-century modern vibe in your decor.