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About Mid Century Chairs

A simple silhouette, bold patterns, and a fusion of organic and synthetic materials ? this is the aesthetic to look for in a mid-century chair, sofa, coffee table, or dining table. With a fresh angle on contemporary style, designers from 1945 to 1965 offered a unique perspective for furniture that has withstood the test of time. Featuring geometric shapes, natural curves, and clean lines, mid-century modern furniture promises little decorative detail, yet big function. Serving many purposes, a mid-century chair, sofa, or table will often bend, fold, or stack, providing varied possibilities for home design. The color palate incorporates graphic black and white, bold colors and patterns, or neutrals, while materials used include stainless steel, natural wood, plywood, Lucite, glass, and Plexiglas. Whether shoppers desire an authentic mid-century lounge chair, a reproduction of a free-form Noguchi sofa, or a curvy, mid-century swivel chair, many products are available on eBay, listed through reliable sellers. Online purchasing and convenient shipping offers an uncomplicated experience for the modern shopper.