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About Microphone Cables

When getting on the stage with your bandmates or giving an important speech to a room full of strangers has you a bit wary, you can ensure that your voice is being amplified clearly and effectively with the use of a high-quality microphone cable. Although it is often an oversight, the very quality of your cables does play a significant role in the clarity of your voice, and therefore, utilizing cheap and worn cables elicits minimal signal transfer as well as maximum loss. Fortunately, you can make sure that you?re heard clearly and vibrantly via the range of advanced features that many cables offer, such as a low-impedance design, heavy-duty construction, inner and outer protective RF shielding, and 24-gauge stranded copper conductors to optimize the signal transfer. Furthermore, whether you?re searching for a 50-foot XLR microphone cable or for a highly renowned Monster microphone cable, eBay stands as your one-stop shop for a collection of new and pre-owned microphones, cables, and sound equipment. You can give your voice the clarity and power it deserves no matter how you take the stage by using a high-quality microphone cable.

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