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About Micrometer Set

Somehow the cute, machined toys you built for your daughter in your shed caught the attention of the press, Internet, and local investors. As the orders roll in, you need finer tools, such as a micrometer set, in order to keep up the quality of the toys and make them even more detailed. A micrometer is a tool for measuring very small distances accurately. An outside micrometer set includes a micrometer shaped like a caliper that is used for measuring surface lengths, an insider micrometer used to measure diameters of holes, and a depth micrometer for measuring steps and slots. While a regular micrometer has Vernier and thimble scales for reading out measurements, a digital micrometer set uses an LCD display to produce more accurate readings. Ready to differentiate your beautifully crafted toys from the rest of the market? You can find the perfect micrometer set among the wide selection of business and industrial tools on eBay.