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About MicroLogix

Allen-Bradley's MicroLogix is a trusted name in programmable logic controllers. Manufacturers use these electronic devices in various control applications for industrial machinery, such as conveyors, packaging lines, and printing. It is amazing how these tiny controllers can bring about high levels of automation in complex circuitry. The family of products starts at the basic, low-cost 1000 controller. As you go higher up in the series, the number of input/output points and the flexibility of the devices increase. Advanced controllers, like the MicroLogix 1500, also include a LCD to view the input/output status, as well as a couple of notification messages. The base unit has an inbuilt power supply. Go through the specifications list on eBay to choose the new or used controller model that suits your budget and application. For any of these controllers, you will also need a MicroLogix cable to connect to a network in order to upload or download programs. Invest in an Allen-Bradley's MicroLogix device to get better control of your industrial applications from the reliable sellers on eBay.

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