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About Micro Spy Camera

You are not a snoop. You simply need a micro spy camera to keep tabs on your babysitter, check on your house while you are out of town, or determine which one of your neighbors keeps picking the apples from your tree. For all these reasons and more, a micro spy camera can bring out the 007 in you and keep you inconspicuously apprised of everything you need to know. Camera kits typically feature a tiny, medium-resolution camera with various outputs for hooking up to video equipment. Most cameras are the size of a fingertip or smaller, meaning they can be hidden easily for multiple surveillance purposes. For additional convenience and more surveillance options, a wireless spy mini micro camera is a good choice. These cameras allow wireless transmission of video feeds via a secure wireless connection. The vendors on eBay offer a variety of micro spy camera kits for any observation application, and with professional packaging and convenient shipping options, you can have your system up and running within a few days, giving you peace of mind and visibility for all your surveillance situations.