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About Micro Machines

Children of the 80s have fond memories of Walkman cassette players, jelly bracelets, neon clothing, and Micro Machines. Unlike Matchbox cars, Micro Machine cars were diminutive in comparison to their larger friends. These miniature cars, trucks, vans, and planes kept kids busy from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, and they even helped Macaulay Culkin foil a robbery in the smash film "Home Alone." Those missing their childhood can pick up a vintage Micro Machines playset on eBay that includes a city, a racing track, or an army base along with a collection of the super small cars that were all the rage. On eBay, you can find listings for all types of models, including special Star Trek versions, James Bond vehicles, and Power Rangers machines. If you enjoyed pretending you were the ship's captain, you probably had some Micro Machines boats, which unlike other toy boats actually floated on water. Sadly, Micro Machines retired to the toy junk yard in 2006, leaving us with only fond memories of these tiny trucks, buoyant boats, and sleek airplanes.