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About Micro Loop Hair Extensions

You want to try extensions, but you worry that because of your sensitive skin and allergies to certain adhesives, they might not be a great idea. In that case, consider the technology of micro loop hair extensions. These are hair extensions that thread onto your natural hair. The stylist applies them close to your scalp, but there is no glue and no heat involved in attaching the extensions. They tend to look very natural, and normal wear and tear does not cause them to come loose. The hair is easy to match to your own, since you add small groups of extensions at a time, so blonde extensions, for example, can easily blend in with your own color. It is also easy to get the same texture as your own hair, such as wavy extensions to go with your own waves. No matter what look you hope to have, there is a vast inventory on eBay within which you can find micro loop hair extensions to make your hair even more gorgeous than it already is.