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About Mickey

Thanks to the Disney Channel and a prevailing fondness for Disney?s mascot, Mickey Mouse remains a staple in children?s entertainment and an iconic character recognizable around the world. Kids and adults alike can wear their love for Mickey on their sleeve, or their wrist, thanks to hundreds of fun accessories. In particular, you can get a Mickey Mouse watch in dozens of different sizes and styles, and as a new or used item on eBay. If classics strike your fancy, you can't get any more classic than the watch that puts the world's most famous mouse to work as the instrument that tracks the time: one of Mickey's arms tracks minutes, while the other winds 'round and 'round, ticking away the seconds. Some watches feature special designs around Mickey. For example, one watch shows flags, giving kids something fascinating to look at while the mouse counts down the minutes. Other watches provide a starker, more conventional design by surrounding Mickey Mouse with numerals. And the best part? Unlike a watch, Mickey is timeless. You can show your love and appreciation of Disney's most popular icon no matter what your age by wearing him on your wrist.