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About Miche Base Bag

Style is the ability to adapt your look to anything: the season, the occasion, your outfit, your whims. And, while many women spend thousands of dollars for this kind of flexibility, owning a Miche base bag transforms a woman with even the most basic of wardrobes into the ultimate fashion chameleon. The concept behind the Miche Bag Company is all about adaptability. Miche started when two women who knew the struggles of looking "just right" without breaking the budget, had the idea to take one bag, or base, and change its look completely by swapping out its cover and hardware. There are four Miche base bag sizes: petite, classic, demi, and prima. While the petite and classic Miche base bag resembles a simple, boxy-styled purse, the demi and prima are more fashion specific, and are shaped as a hobo and tote bag respectively. Miche base bags come in two colors, black and brown, to which users add skins, handles, and other jewels and accessories as desired. Shopping on eBay allows buyers to explore these different sizes, colors, and accessories, and offers the convenience of shopping for bundles of items which may include a prima Miche base bag with associated skins. Owning dozens of handbags may sound nice, but it is hardly practical, unless you own a Miche bag. Then, transforming a casual shopping companion to an evening wear siren is not only simple, but fun.