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About Miche

Any woman would love a handbag that gives her a durable accessory with unlimited customization options to match her personal style at an affordable price. This was the founding premise behind Miche bags, and the success of the company has proven its hypothesis again and again. Formed in Utah in 2004 by a woman who was tired of moving the contents of her purse from one bag to another whenever she changed her outfit, Miche has become a direct-selling sensation. With a Miche purse, a woman buys one of the base handbag shells, like the popular Prima or Classic option, and then customizes it with shell-specific designs that she can change to suit her needs without buying a whole new purse. The modifications do not stop with the exterior of the handbags. Miche customizations include swappable handles and straps along with coordinating wallets and clutches. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of Miche handbags, shells, straps, and matching accessories with convenient packaging and shipping options, meaning you do not have to wait to be invited to a Miche party in order to experience one of its great handbags.