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Look like you've stepped straight from the pages of Vogue or GQ in a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses. Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, the shades pair well with everything from grunge jeans and T-shirts to Armani suits. Channel your favorite movie star in the latest styles, and be sure to carry a pen for autographs.

About Michael Kors Sunglasses

A simple accessory, sunglasses say a lot about the person who wears them, and your shades are no exception. Stylish, sophisticated, and sleek, Michael Kors sunglasses embody the true spirit of the fashion conscious wearer and are seen on Hollywood stars every day. From rose gold tinted shades to the Bella line and aviators, the designer shades make you look like a rock star, fashion diva, or ace pilot. Throw on various pairs for a completely different look every day. Pink sunglasses showcase your inner fashionista and project a fashion-forward image worthy of Rodeo Drive, while the oversized line channels the look of Jackie O. Make no mistake, Michael Kors sunglasses offer the protection your eyes need from UV rays but with a classic look and solid construction that lasts for years. With so many new and used styles available from the sellers on eBay, the possibilities are bright enough to block the sun's strongest rays.