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About Michael Kors Signature Tote

If you think handbags are dispensable, try heading to work holding your phone, makeup kit, chewing gum, floss, tablet, and that half-finished copy of Fifty Shades of Grey—all in one hand. Having a stylish Michael Kors signature tote to lug your daily items around makes all the difference between an organized and disorganized morning. However, the benefits of a handbag are not just limited to its functionality. Handbags are also a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Bags like the Michael Kors monogram signature tote bring a luxurious lift to the simplest of outfits. Fortunately, with a wide assortment of options readily available on eBay, finding the right bag for your needs is a breeze. You can choose a small clutch for a romantic evening or a large Michael Kors signature tote in anticipation for a holiday trip. Most totes come with hand straps and a shoulder sling, giving you a flexible way to carry your items around. Michael Kors signature totes are also made with multiple pockets, which makes it easier to arrange your items. You can tuck your phone in one pocket, your keys in another, and still have enough space for other items--even that half-finished novel.