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About Michael Jordan Fleers

Michael Jordan was a legend on the court. Fleer is an iconic brand with a heritage dating back to 1885. Is it any wonder that Michael Jordan Fleer cards are in popular demand with collectors and sports enthusiasts? Upper Deck purchased the Fleer name in 2005, and the brand is still going strong; however, for serious collectors, the early cards are the most desirable, and these are obviously the hardest to find. Fortunately, reliable sellers on eBay offer a huge inventory of genuine sports cards, including individual rare cards you might need to complete a collection, and large lots of common cards for building a new collection from scratch. For collectors with deep pockets, a Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card from 1986 would make a fantastic centerpiece for a collection. Meanwhile, for collectors on a budget who just have to have a Jordan card to add to their "hall of fame," a 1990 Fleer Michael Jordan card is a fantastic choice that is readily available at low prices. A Michael Jordan Fleer card is a combination of two great names in sporting history, and something no true collector should be without.

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