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About Michael Jackson Jackets

Although the King of Pop is no longer here, you can keep his spirit alive and well with a Michael Jackson jacket. These signature coats look just like the classic jackets that Michael Jackson wore. They feature a signature waist-length fit and come in different patterns to emulate the King's various musical phases. They are typically made of leather and are close-fitting with defined collars. Just like Michael Jackson himself, these jackets pack plenty of personality. The Michael Jackson tour jacket, for instance, comes in all black with beautiful white contrast stitching across the shoulders and torso. This military-style coat has a full-zip front and decorative stripes on the sleeves. A sweeping collar accents the upper neckline and shoulder pads add a nice finishing touch. The Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket features a sleeker, more modern look. It comes in all black, like the tour jacket, but goes without the decorative details. This jacket has a unique symmetrical V-shaped body design with a full-zip front. On eBay, you can look for a Michael Jackson jacket of your choice. Peruse the collection of new and used coats available from reliable sellers to look like a star yourself.

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