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About Miata Top

When you want to show off your sporty convertible in all weather, even cold rain and snow, Miata tops have you covered. Depending on the year of production, Miata convertibles feature manual tops or electric tops. They only come in drop-top styles; however, unlike many convertibles, you cannot find a hardtop model, which leaves the task of sealing out the elements up to you. On eBay, you can explore a large inventory of Miata tops to find the one just right for your car. You can look for Miata soft tops made from sturdy canvas or suede with integrated plexi-glass back windows, letting you safely see out the back and welcome the sunlight. These tops wrap around the two cabin windows and leave space in the front over the windshield, which prevents obstruction of your vision. You can attach these tops to the holders in the back of your car using deep grooves. Like awnings, you can pull them up to provide cover during inclement weather, and then roll them down to let in the sun. You can keep your top safe and secure with Miata soft top latches, which act as ties, holding tops down when not in use.