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About Mexico Coins

Collecting foreign coinage is a challenge, but a worthwhile endeavor for the dedicated aficionado. One of the easiest to begin with is Mexican coins, since some of them have made their way across the border over the decades. Begin by collecting Mexican peso coins that are still in circulation and work your way to more historic pieces such as the Mexican colonial coins. The coins often have a rich history, and the stories behind these pieces give you a better understanding of the times and the money itself. For instance, the pillar dollar was called the "pieces of eight" because it could be cut into eight pieces to give change back to the person. The Reales were often used in the American colonies, and carried images of both the old and new worlds on the backs. Find both new and vintage Mexican coins from reliable sellers on eBay to add to your collection. Once you’ve explored the coinage south of the border, branch out to learn what other countries have to offer to your hobby.