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About Mexican Ponchos

You might not be Clint Eastwood in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," but you can certainly adorn his iconic Mexican poncho and reawaken the cowboy, or the traditional Mexican, in you. A poncho has deep roots in the Native American culture, but it is mainly known as the traditional garment worn by people in South America. Made of a simple design—a woven or woolen fabric with a space for the head to pass through—a poncho is closely linked to the Mexican culture. Of the two ponchos worn in Mexico, the Mexican serape poncho is the most common. It is usually fringed at the bottom and comes in different colors and designs. You can find this type of Mexican poncho in various patterns and styles from the vast inventory on eBay. Ponchos are warm add-ons that are great for layering in the winter. They can also be worn as statement pieces due to their whimsical designs. If you want an added feature of comfort, Mexican hooded ponchos in the typical blanket style of a serape are also available.