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About Mexican Opals

Discovered over 4,000 years ago, the opal means different things in different cultures, ranging from a symbol of luck, purity, or hope to a harbinger of bad luck. Regardless of the myths and lore, the Mexican opal is one of the most striking, dazzling stones one can acquire. Dress to stun by donning a piece of gorgeous Mexican opal jewelry. Choose a gorgeous fire opal set in a .925 sterling silver ring, an elegant pink Mexican opal pendant necklace, or a retro-inspired spring green Mexican opal bangle. If you love to make jewelry for yourself, your friends, or to sell, pick up a single rough Mexican opal or an entire lot. Create original pieces of jewelry or carvings with a set of blood-red Mexican opals, a honey-yellow Mexican opal, or numerous natural, rough Mexican opals in various hues. Peruse the expansive selection of Mexican opals offered by the reliable sellers on eBay, and maybe you will bring yourself a little luck.