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About Mexican Gold Coins

If you have a chest filled with gleaming Mexican gold coins, you might be a pirate. Of course, if eye patches, peg legs, and a fondness for the letter "R" aren?t in your future, then you might be a collector or investor instead. Every Gold peso is worth its weight in gold, which is significantly more than the number printed on its surface. A dos peso coin is smaller and therefore worth less than a 2.5 peso coin. The 10, 20, and 50 coins are increasingly larger, the 50 peso coin is believed to be the largest piece of gold bullion minted as currency. While the obverse of the coins changes depending on their denomination, the reverse all have the Mexican coat of arms stamped on it. Because of the gold content, these coins are frequently collected as investment pieces rather than just collectibles. Find Mexican gold coins in every denomination from reliable sellers on eBay. While you might not be a pirate, soon you can have your own treasure chest filled with gold.