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About Metronomes

The relentless ticking of a metronome is not just the clink of a mechanized woodblock marking time; it is a training tool and musician's aid of inestimable value. The pyramidal structure of a vintage metronome provides a constant during a rehearsal, or just while you are practicing on your own. It grounds your performance and allows you to get a better feel for the pace at which you play and develop. You can find a wood metronome or many other versions of the classic aid from reliable sellers on eBay, offering large inventories of musical paraphernalia. These tools mark time against your progress as an artist, helping you to grow and learn as you come into your own and develop your musical voice. Some professionals use them through their entire careers. A metronome, in other words, is not training wheels, and it is not a crutch; it is a canvas, and your music is the set of paints.