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About Metal Wallets

For years, most wallets that people could buy were made of leather or similar materials and followed a similar style, such as bi-fold or tri-fold for men and ones with clasps that snap close for women. Although both men's and women's wallets typically have spaces for credit cards, consumers can now purchase metal wallets that are specifically designed to carry credit cards. The majority of these wallets are aluminum metal wallets and feature a clasp that snaps shut on one side, has a hinge on the other side, and open up accordion or fan style. This allows for easy access to the cards inside. They are ideal for credit and debit cards, identification, and business cards. Many of these metal credit card wallets are waterproof and are generally available in a wide range of colors. The wallets typically have 10 slots for cards. There are also plastic credit card wallets that have plenty of slots but less weight than their metal counterparts. The general size for these wallets is 4 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches high. Find your perfect metal wallet on the large inventory found on eBay and know that your cards are safe and secure.

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