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About Metal Tonka Trucks

Bring back the joy of childhood play with a renewed collection of metal Tonka trucks. Tonka began making these beloved rough-and-tumble toys in the 1950s and children have scooped dirt and built imaginary skyscrapers ever since. A metal Tonka dump truck is made of steel and can withstand most anything a child or adult can dish out. Thanks to the large inventory found on eBay, there is a whole world waiting of newer-edition and vintage metal Tonka trucks. The Tonka Mighty Loader is a vintage, front-end dump truck that can carry load after load of dirt or pebbles and come back for more. And any child who owns a Tonka Road Grader Truck pushes it to the limit for moving mounds of rubble at their building site. Whether these are gifts for children or for you as a Tonka collector, these strong, durable toys are a delight to own. Encourage a child's interest in architecture or construction with a Tonka metal forklift or bulldozer. No matter which one is your favorite, metal Tonka trucks have you playing on the floor like a kid again.