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About Metal Mulisha Stickers

You love motocross and have the scrapes, bruises, and perhaps a scar or two to prove it. While those fade significantly with time, Metal Mulisha stickers do not, and as a bonus, they allow you to display your fandom without risking injury. Choose high-quality printed vinyl decals, such as those featuring the classic back-to-back skulls with green military helmets emblazoned with the MM logo. Alternatively, go for a design featuring a small version of the iconic skull next to the word "Mulisha" in the font associated with the brand. If you want to make your presence as a lady in the rough-and-tumble world of motocross racing known, look for stickers featuring the iconic black skull with a pink bow attached. To show your loyalty to the Mulisha as well as your favorite energy drink, look for Metal Mulisha Rockstar stickers commemorating the brands' joint efforts. These Metal Mulisha sticker kits allow you to create custom designs using pre-printed logos and other details. The vast inventory on eBay has a wide selection of Metal Mulisha stickers for your car, fridge, laptop, and perhaps even your latest cast — after all, injuries happen.