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About Metal Mask

Dating back as early as the 15th Century (when they were a private royal event), Masquerade balls were, and still are, the epitome of an elegant party. Party goers experienced the seductive mystery that comes from disguising themselves behind a metal mask. Masquerade balls still occur today, and the Venetian style metal masquerade mask still exists. In fact, reliable sellers on eBay have the romantic metal mask for sale that surrounds the eyes with an intoxicating mystery. Although these intricate pieces are usually made with a feminine appeal, there are also designs like the metal skull mask that pair delicate lace workmanship with masculine lines to create a mask perfect for any man of mystery. Masks like this boast beautiful detailed face plates, and tie behind the head, often using black ribbon. These precious accessories are not just for Masquerade events anymore; they are also great additions to many costumes for plays, Halloween, and even re-creation events. Don a unique mask and dip into the mysterious history of the elegant pre-Renaissance Masquerade.