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About Metal Lot

Your friend played this amazing song the other day while you were hanging out, but you forgot to write down the name of the song. You might feel a bit insecure about asking your friend again for the name of the song, so you decide to buy a metal lot on eBay. Hopefully one of these songs will be the same one that you heard the other day. Even if not, you now are on your way to starting your own collection of metal CDS. Buy a mixed lot of albums of varying types, or stick to a specific genre. Start out with the roots of heavy metal with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep purple. Then check out the subgenres of the ever growing music scene such as thrash, black, and death metal. These bands were not exempt from the overzealous hairspray usage of the 80’s and the term hair metal was coined. Don’t worry, buying a metal lot of pre-owned CDS does not automatically require you to adopt the bands' hairstyles.