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About Mermaid Tails

Explore the ocean depths; find lost treasures; and make a big splash under the sea when you trap your two legs inside a mermaid tail. Sporting the half-fish, half-human look can be a lot of fun for kids at the beach and pool parties or even for adults at a "Little Mermaid" cosplay gathering. Of course, you want to do more than just smile and wave on the edge of the sand. A mermaid swimming tail lets you glide through the water like a real citizen of the deep. Add a long red wig, and become an instant Ariel, or wear a shimmery top and some pearls, and create your own mermaid persona. Most tails are made from a combination of polyester and spandex fabric and come in plenty of shimmering colors. Fin Fun is a popular brand that manufactures swimmable mermaid tails for everyone from toddlers to adults. These super-long suits cover the entire lower half of your body, curving into graceful fins at the end. Make waves at the next water party by shopping for a glittering mermaid tail on eBay. Choose from a huge selection of new and used options.