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About Mermaid Costume

Transform your look into one of a legendary aquatic creature this Halloween with a mermaid costume. With a large inventory of costumes on eBay, finding the right fit for you is simple. From baby mermaid costumes, to those designed for adults, you can outfit any member of your family in monofin style. The costumes vary, but the majority feature that beautiful fin mermaids are so well known for. The fins flow to the floor, but they keep the feet free so getting around is easy. The color and details of the fins differ, but the majority are made from satin, latex, or spandex materials that shine. A bit of searching even lands you one with sequins, lace, or gems for even more sparkle. Some of the magical mermaid costumes even come in full dress form, so you look the part from head to toe. Accessories are also available including tiaras, headpieces, and gloves. To put a fun twist on the costumes, opt for a coconut or seashell bra. Pick up a mermaid costume and rule the sea on Halloween.