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About Mercury Sport Jet

When you want to have high-flying fun on the water, just get Mercury Sport Jets. These powerful engines come in various configurations and designs, suitable for watercraft ranging from dinghies and small fishing boats to commercial boats and full-size yachts. Mercury Sport Jets combine safety and performance with a 200 horsepower engine and V6 cylinder configuration. These engines produce a maximum throttle between 5,150 and 5,650 RPMs. They are small but powerful with a 2.5-liter displacement and sturdy surrounding plastic cases, which protect engines from the elements and corrosion and reduce vibration, creating a smoother and quieter ride. These engines come in different models, making them ideal for different types of boats. Smaller watercraft perform well with the Mercury Sport Jet 90, which comes in a small design and provides a low battery voltage, maximizing efficiency and saving fuel. These engines feature dual mufflers and have self-draining cooling systems, which keeps them from excessive and life-threatening exposure to water. Larger engines, like the Mercury Sport Jet 240, operate using cooling fans and boast a low energy demand, making them fuel-efficient and good choices for long sea voyages. Look for these jets on eBay, where a large inventory lets you explore many engine options.