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About Mercury Power Trims

Your boat offers freedom, relaxation, and time to spend with your friends and family, or just quietly on your own. But unless you are planning on polishing up your paddling technique the next time you head to the water, your outboard motor is essential to powering you through the water, and adding a Mercury power trim adjusts the trim or the motor according to your specific needs. The "trim" of a motor is the angle at which the motor is positioned in relation to the hull of the boat. This can be neutral, trimmed in, or trimmed out, and is designed to keep the boat level when in use, therefore keeping the hull on the surface of the water rather than dipped in, making it cut its way through the water. Mercury power trim motors give you control over the trim so you can quickly respond to changes in the water. These Mercury outboard power trims make it easy for you to manage the movement of your boat and stay safe while enjoying your recreation. Browse the vast inventory on eBay for a Mercury power trim motor and repair components to keep your boat gliding along.