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About Mercury Marauder

The Mercury Marauder is one piece of metal you can hang around for hours, never having to worry about toxicity and over-exposure. The Mercury Marauder might look a bit poisonous, with its long, low frame and sleek, rounding roof design. A fiery turbo-charged engine gives this car some race-winning venom, but despite its tough outer looks, this car proves soft on the inside, with indulgent leather seats and a leather wheel. The Marauder comes in two distinct body styles, which include a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. It comes in several generations' worth of production, dating back to 1963 and continuing through 2004. As with many car models, Mercury gave the Marauder some engineering and aesthetic updates along the way, making cars in successive generations a bit more powerful, lighter, and attractive than earlier versions. The 1963 Mercury Marauder belongs to the first generation. This car features a forward-slanting roof line, giving it an upright and complex look. It features a wide, narrow front grille and two sets of round headlights. A short, square back forms the end, and both sedan and coupe versions come with hardtops. The 2003 Mercury Marauder contains a larger V8 engine, power steering, and rounded frame, replacing the angles and straight lines of Marauders past. Although no longer in production, the large inventory on eBay lets you search for the legendary Mercury Marauder whenever you please.