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About Mercury Cyclone

When the ground starts to shake and the wind picks up, you know you are in the middle of a Mercury Cyclone. These cars come from American car manufacturer Ford Motors. Ford introduced the Cyclone in the early 1960s, which burst into the sports car consumer market, boasting an unprecedented combination of power, aerodynamics, and speed. The Mercury Cyclone belongs to a class of vintage American sports cars called muscle cars. You can find it in a two-door layout, available as a coupe and convertible. Highlights of this model include a curving front end with square headlights and a long square chrome grille tapering to a protruding center, which forms the tip of the front end. Bucket seats and leather seatbelts give the car a race-ready look on the inside, as does a steering wheel with spokes. Chrome engine components and a 210 horsepower engine give this model the same engineering layout and power of top sports cars. As with many vehicles, you can find this car in several trim levels. It comes in a base edition and in higher-level versions, such as the 1967 Mercury Cyclone GT, which boasts leather seats and a leather wheel. Although no longer in production, you can search the large inventory on eBay for a car in your favorite year, like a 1970 Mercury Cyclone, along with parts and accessories.