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About Mercury 25 HP

You found a great deal on a used bass boat, but most of the savings relied on the fact that the Mercury 25 horsepower motor might need replacing. You have always worked on your own car and even rebuilt your riding lawnmower, so you want to try to refurbish your marine engine before buying a new one. First, check the propeller on the lower unit. If bending or corrosion exists, replace it with the size rated for your boat. When replacing the Mercury 25 horsepower propeller, apply a coat of lubricant during installation and at regular intervals. Mercury recommends anti-corrosion grease or 2-4-C lubricant with Teflon. Like other small engines, the Mercury 25 horsepower carburetor regulates fuel usage, and the manual recommends checking the adjustment after every 100 hours of use. To keep your rebuilt outboard in the best condition, flush the internal water passages after every use in saltwater or muddy lakes. You should replace the water pump impeller every 300 hours of use to ensure adequate water pressure. Browse on eBay for all the parts you need to refurbish your Mercury horsepower outboard to perfect working order.