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About Mercedes 190E

The classic style of the 1982 Mercedes Benz 190E draws bystanders' attention as the driver eases up to the curb, carefully parking his meticulously tended vintage luxury car. Originally manufactured as an executive luxury car in a compact size, the 190E featured a fuel injection system, which made it more powerful and increased its fuel economy. In 1983, Mercedes modified the 190E, adding a Cosworth racing engine to make it a rally car. This action led to the introduction of the Mercedes Cosworth 190E. The rules of the German Touring Car Championship forced Mercedes to produce a street-legal model of the Cosworth, available to the public from 1985 to 1993. Enthusiasts of German engineering turn to reliable sellers on eBay for used Mercedes Benz 190Es. The detailed descriptions allow buyers to select a standard 190E or a high-powered 16-valve model, such as the Mercedes 190E 16V, or new and used parts to repair this classic Mercedes.