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About Men's Sweat Pants

Gordon loves to wear men's sweatpants and many of his friends can honestly say that they have never seen Gordon in anything but a pair of men's sweat pants. Perhaps it's from his old days as a high school and college football player, perhaps it's because sweatpants are just that comfortable. This is not to suggest, however, that Gordon always looks the same. Oh no, he has a huge wardrobe of sweats. He has different types for different occasions. He has the typical standard fleece pants for everyday wear. He has sweats from his favorite sports teams to wear on game day. He like his cargo sweatpants for outdoor activities because they are so handy. They have the traditional two side pockets, three leg pockets and two back pockets all of which Velcro closed so they can be trusted to hold a lot of stuff. Gordon has red sweats, blue sweats, green sweats, and even a pair of orange sweats. He gets a lot of his favorite pants on eBay where he selects from among new and previously owned apparel. His girlfriend invited him to go to a wedding. He showed up in his Hollister sweatpants. They are his "dressy" pair. Oh well, he didn't want to go to a wedding anyway.