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About Men's Silver Necklace

Simple, elegant, sophisticated class is the key to dressing well. A dress shirt with one button open and a men?s silver necklace as an accent makes a statement about confidence, as a man wearing a piece of tasteful jewelry exudes poise and self-assurance. When wearing a men?s sterling silver necklace, it?s best to avoid mixing metals: a gold watch, for example, would clash with the silver. Silver goes well, however, with nearly any type of clothing. A simple pendant that rests just below the breastbone is a good choice when wearing a shirt with a turn-down collar, while t shirts and polos are easily complemented with a men?s silver rope chain from reliable eBay sellers. Whether you?re spending the weekend on the beach or taking control of the boardroom, simple, tasteful jewelry is always in style. Most men prefer to avoid precious gems or other adornments. A sophisticated men?s silver necklace should enhance the overall look in a quiet, understated way for men who avoid flashy or overdone jewelry, and give the impression of quiet confidence and a strong sense of personal style.