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About Men's Prada Sunglasses

The sun is beating down as you run with the masses along the race route, you are dripping sweat, but when you cross the finish line you look like the coolest one in the crowd with your men's Prada sunglasses. Not only do these designer shades look sharp, but they provide your eyes up to 100 percent protection from ultraviolet rays. While regular men's Prada sunglasses block both vertical and horizontal UV rays, they do not get rid of the glare caused by horizontal rays, however, men's polarized Prada sunglasses can help with this. These glasses have a laminated filter that only allows vertical light rays in and almost completely blocks horizontal rays and the glare. They are particularly helpful on long road trips in the sun or to give an avid fisherman an edge on scoping out prospective hot spots in the water. For the passionate golfer or baseball player, men's Prada Sport sunglasses allow you to step onto the field in style. Both regular and polarized lenses are available in a wide array of frames on eBay, including colored plastic and metal. Lens colors available include black, brown, and gray. Give your eyes the treatment they deserve with these name-brand spectacles.